Funeral Consumers Alliance of Maryland and Environs

If you had to make funeral arrangements, would you know how to make them dignified, meaningful, and affordable?

Did you know:

  • A typical funeral in the US costs $7,300 — before you get to the cemetery
  • That the cost of funerals, cremation, and burials varies widely
  • Neither embalming nor a fancy casket is required for cremation or burial
  • Although planning for after-death care is strongly recommended, prepaying for a funeral may not be a good idea

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2015 Price Survey of the local funeral industry

Fall 2016 Plain Talk – the FCAME Newsletter.

This issue has articles on Jewish funeral practices and determining who gets to decide on one’s final arrangements.  It also includes a suggested template for how an individual can describe what final arrangements he/she wants. See past newsletters.

Do you want the consumer’s voice to be heard in regulating the funeral industry in Maryland?

FCAME volunteers attend meetings of the regulatory agencies in Maryland that oversee funerals, cremations, and cemeteries, and also testify on proposed legislation at the Maryland legislature involving the death-care industry to ensure consumer rights (and wallets) are protected.
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